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RION Group
The RION Group covers a wide gamut of businesses that began with water treatment and bottled water in the year 2009. RION Group now boasts of a varied and diverse segment of businesses that include food, energy, finance, construction and art, among others.

Nainar Mayon
Chairman, RION Group

Backed by a very successful business family from the south of Tamilnadu, Dr. Nainar Mayon, a Doctor by profession, was always keen on delving into the world of business. From a very young age, his enthusiasm and keen business acumen has propelled RION Group into one of the foremost business groups of Tamilnadu, with a multitude of diverse business activities. What Dr. Mayon began in the year 2009, has now become a conglomerate of one of the States most successful business empires.

Our Companies

The vision of RION Group alongside that of the Chairman's, Dr. Mayon, is to be an inclusive brand, synonymous with quality and integrity. The group focuses on being a household name, while retaining qualities of simplicity, easy access, while being environmentally conscious.
With hundreds of acres of agricultural farmland in the South of India, RION Foods concentrates on fresh affordable produce, with the priorities being on the farmers and the consumers equally. RION Foods deals in rice, pulses, vegetables and seasonal fruits.
RION Enterprise also deals in the complete gamut of import. export, marketing and distribution of polymers, resin and paper rolls at an industrial level. We provide the best in quality, at competitive prices with top notch service and delivery.
Rabi food products offers a whole host of masalas and spices, both in pure and blended forms. We deal in providing easy, healthy, safe and tasty cooking solutions to the Indian household. Rabi Foods also deals with cooking oils of the best quality.
With a state-of-the-art production facility that utilises injection-moulding machines from ASB Japan, L&T Demag and Huarong, RION Polymers is one of the top manufacturers of preforms, closures top & bottom ring guards for bulk water jars & polystyrene glasses / plates.
We work on much sought after and prestigious roadways and highway projects, with the best engineering team and contractors. We pride ourselves on the quality of output and speed of execution. RIC also focuses on the interiors and facades of building projects.
One of the emerging companies in technology, Recoin Technology has forged great pathways in the field of crypto currency software development. The core areas of expertise are in the development of software pertinent to the upcoming crypto currency and in providing software solutions for the same.

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Swedo Water Tech is a professionally managed and growth oriented Water and Waste Water Treatment Company specializing in marketing consultancy, design and engineering support.

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ISMO is a one of a kind, Aesthetic boutique, with state of the art operating facilities. ISMO has impressively contributed in bringing together the concept of focused technology with ethically-motivated solutions to gratify present-day skin and hair requirements.

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With the main Skin & Haircare centre at Chennai finding a whole gamut of satisfied patrons and achieving phenomenal success over the years, ISMO has now ventured into the world of pharmaceuticals, with plans on expanding over South India in the immediate future.

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As an offset of Rabbi Dry Fruits, a chain of outlets that caters specifically to the nuts and dry fruit market is what Karrabi is aimed at. Karrabi is a select range of retail outlets which primarily stocks on all kinds of nuts and dry fruits from across the globe.
One of the branches of RION Group of companies is to provide the best in IT and software development. Eon Softech also specialises in the development of apps.

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This unit of RION deals with the trading of the best quality materials related to construction. The diverse list of products covers blue metal, minerals, steel and sand.


With state-of-the-art bottling plants across the country, this division of RION has been functioning in providing top notch bottled water over the years. Apart from the manufacture of bottled water, we also cover the trading and distribution of the same.


RION Finance is part of the small banking system of the country, providing loans for individuals and micro industries. The primary aim of RION Financing is to make financing easy, hassle free and fairly simple.


This is a niche segment of RION, that deals with the aspect of art and sculptures. With the focus on global clients, this segment focuses mainly on metal works of wall decor, chandeliers and artwork.


With the RION Group being environmentally conscious, one of the key segments is renewable and sustainable energy sources. With the focus being on South India, RION energy is involved with alternate sources of energy such as solar and wind.


Arki Service Corp provides end-to-end business solutions to up and coming business groups and entrepreneurs. This business consultancy service of RION seamlessly integrates the aim and ultimate needs of the clients with the best solutions to each, specifically.